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Humpbacks off Hare Point, Malaspina Inlet


The first multi-day camping and Cabana Desolation Eco Resort trips for 2017 have enjoyed incredible sunny, hot, summer-like weather in late May on the Sunshine Coast - and it has not just been our guests that have been enjoying the beautiful conditions.

Camping at Hare Point on the first evening of their 4-day tour (and escaping an ongoing northwesterly gale in the process) one lucky group were enjoying dessert in the evening time when the cry went up suddenly.

“Whale, right in front of camp!”

Everyone turned just in time to se the tail flukes of a humpback dive in the narrow channel in front of the point, and then amazingly got to witness a second whale surface and dive in the same manner seconds later.

Diving themselves for cameras, the group sat and watched for 20 minutes or more as the humpback pair slowly made their way into Malaspina Inlet, occasionally breaching partially in the windy, wavy conditions, before they faded out of view.

Two hours later, in the fading light, they returned alongside the far side of the inlet, moving with more purpose as they returned to the more open waters of Desolation Sound.

The sightings of these whales and other humpback and orca sightings in the Desolation area are a continuation of the incredible whale sightings witnessed all winter north of Powell River, and anecdotally seem to indicate a general increase in whale, dolphin and porpoise activity in the area over the last 4 or 5 years.

These incredible encounters experienced early in the season are no doubt a fantastic omen for future tours in Desolation Sound this summer!

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